Fiano del Beneventano I.G.T.

About this wine

Piantaferro (47 Anno Domini)
Grape Variety
85% Fiano (minimum), up to maximum of 15% other grapes, authorised for growth in the province of Benevento such as Falanghina and Greco
Production area
Benevento (BN), Campania
The grapes of the freshly harvested Fiano cultivars are crushed, de-stemmed and sent to the lung press. The must obtained is cooled to 12°C and statically decanted. The alcoholic fermentation, with selected yeasts is started on the clear must. The wine is cooled to 8°C and after 6-8 days the first racking is made. This wine is stored in controlled temperature, until bottling.
Intense, persistent, with floral notes and sensations of white peach, exotic fruit, with hazelnut.
Serving suggestions
Goes well with fish and shellfish dishes, white meats and risottos, vegetable dishes. Serve at 8-12°C.