Falanghina del Benevento I.G.T.

About this wine

Piantaferro (47 Anno Domini)
Grape Variety
85% Falanghina (minimum), up to maximum of 15% other white grapes, authorised for growth in the province of Benevento
Production area
Benevento (BN), Campania
Freshly harvested grapes are crushed, de-stemmed, placed in the lung presses and vitamin C is added, to prevent the oxidation of the aromatic and colouring substances. Must is cooled to 12°C and statically decanted. Wine is cooled to 8°C and after 6-8 days the first racking is made. It is kept at a controlled temperature until it is bottled.
Intense, warm and fresh together with pleasant sensations of freshly toasted hazelnut. It is a set of olfactory perceptions that are young, fresh and simultaneously mature and evolved.
Serving suggestions
Can accompany seafood appetisers, pasta dishes with shellfish sauces, molluscs and vegetables, mussels, fish soups, baked and grilled fish. Good combination with white meats, with medium aromatic seasonings. Serve at 10-14°C.