Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry D.O.C. Martinotti (Charmat Method)

About this wine

47 Anno Domini
Treviso countryside vineyards
Pale straw yellow with light lime green highlights
Pleasant, light, fine, delicate and long-lasting, fruity, with characteristic bouquet of Golden Delicious apples
Grape Variety
100% Glera
Alcohol content
Velvety, fresh, fruity and lively, slight and smooth, with a fine perlage, full-bodied, harmonic, excellent acidity and alcohol, excellent long-lasting flavour, to be drunk young.
Storage and ageing
In the cellar, at controlled humidity and a temperature of 10-12°C. It is recommended that it is always drunk young.
Gastronomic matches
A classic Venetian aperitif, ideal with all meatbased starters, sausages, seafood salad and fish and shellfish pasta and rice courses. Perfect with white meats, grilled, boiled or fried fish with polenta.