Primitivo di Manduria D.O.C.

About this wine

47 Anno Domini (Brand: Piantaferro)
Grape Variety
100% Primitivo
Production area
Taranto (TA), Apulia, Italy
Brindisi (BR), Apulia, Italy
The vinification and refinement must be carried out within the Primitivo grape production area. The vinification is of the traditional type with daily pumping over for the first week and every two days for the second week of fermentation. The fermentation temperature is set between 24°C and 28°C. After the alcoholic fermentation, the wine is drawn off and softly pressed of the skins, the best conditions are set for the start of the malolactic fermentation and the latter is completed in 2 or 3 decantings. Before our wine starts to refine in wood, 2 types of wood are used, the tonneaux from 500 liters and the large 6,000 litre tank. After ageing in wood, our technical staff selects the wine, which is then taken, analysed and tasted by the Chamber of Commerce of Taranto and if it exceeds the controls will be designated suitable for
bottling and can be placed in the bottle.
Sharp, warm, good perception of hints of blackcurrant jam and plum followed by intriguing notes of pepper and vanilla.
Excellent entry into the mouth and the following sensation of pleasantly pungent heat continues then an interesting composite note of acidity, salinity and light tannins. Excellent sensation that remains in the oral cavity after swallowing.
Serving suggestions
Excellent with lamb meat and long seasoned cheeses, excellent with roast meat. Serve at 16-18°C.