Negro Amaro I.G.T.

About this wine

47 Anno Domini (Brand: Piantaferro)
Grape Variety
85% Negroamaro (minimum), with a maximum of 15% of another authorised red grape variety from the region of Puglia
Production area
Apulia, Italy
The vinification is of the traditional type with 3 daily pumping over for the first week and a replacement a day for the following week. The fermentation temperature is set at 22°C the first week and at 28°C the second. Once the alcoholic fermentation is over, the racking and soft pressing of the skins are carried out. The best conditions for the establishment of malolactic fermentation are favoured and when this is completed, the decanting is carried out. The bottling takes place starting from June of the following year the harvest.
Fine, elegant, ethereal, warm with initial hints of blackberry jam followed by toasty sensations, especially the spicy notes with coffee and cinnamon.
The entry into the oral cavity is pleasant, warm and enveloping, then we perceive a slight tannic note followed by an excellent persistence accompanied by a dry mouth; good retro-reflective correspondence with the perfume.
Serving suggestions
This important Apulian wine goes well with robust first courses such as orecchiette with tomato and ricotta forte, or with meat dishes in general, excellent pairing with aged cheeses. Serve at 16-18°C.