Bardolino D.O.C.

About this wine

Vinicola Tombacco (Brand: Serenissima)
Grape Variety
60% Corvina, 30% Rondinella, 10% Molinara
Production area
Bardolino, Italy
Veneto, Italy
Obtained from selected and healthy grapes, and through 5-day maceration in steel vats; after alcoholic fermentation, the wine is decanted to 100hl tanks where the fermentation is completed (after a first decanting stage); after this, the wine is filtered and decanted, and then bottled.
Very pleasant, delicate, and fruity with light hints of raspberry, strawberry, and morel.
Dry, has good sapidity, and is nicely fresh when young; it is mid-bodied, properly tannic and harmonic with hints of raspberry and almond; it has good acidity and alcoholic degree; it is persistent on the palate and best drunk when young.
Serving suggestions
Excellent with hors d’oeuvres, cold meats and salami, pasta and rice-based main dishes, roasts, white and red grilled meat, roasted rabbit, roasted cockerel, pork meat, and semi-aged cheeses. Serve at 16-18°C.